I UK [səˈrendə(r)] / US [səˈrendər] verb
Word forms "surrender":
present tense I/you/we/they surrender he/she/it surrenders present participle surrendering past tense surrendered past participle surrendered
a) [intransitive] to say officially that you have been defeated and will stop fighting

Rebel forces have surrendered after three years of fighting.

surrender to:

The gang leaders finally surrendered to the authorities.

b) [transitive] to give control over a place or person to someone who has defeated you
surrender something/someone to someone:

They offered to surrender the general to US troops.

surrender yourself:

He voluntarily surrendered himself to state police.

a) [transitive] to give something to someone in authority because you have to

Both sides will have to surrender their weapons.

surrender something to someone:

The regions refused to surrender their powers to central government.

b) formal to give a document to someone in authority who does not give it back to you

She was ordered to surrender her passport.

3) [intransitive/transitive] literary to allow yourself to show your feelings and to do what you really want to do
surrender to:

She surrendered to grief.

surrender yourself:

He surrendered himself to her kisses.

II UK [səˈrendə(r)] / US [səˈrendər] noun [uncountable]
a) the act of saying officially that you have been defeated and will stop fighting

the surrender of the rebel gunmen

a declaration of unconditional surrender

b) the act of giving up something to someone who has defeated you

the surrender of territories to the enemy

2) the act of giving up something because someone in authority says you have to

the surrender of all the mother's rights over her child

3) literary the act of allowing your feelings or another person to control you

his surrender to the power of her love

English dictionary. 2014.


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